COVID-19, Insurance and Business Interruption Policies

covid 19

With the closure of so many businesses since Covid-19 restrictions were imposed, many have been furiously pouring over their insurance policies to see the extent of their cover and whether they may have a possibility of a claim in respect of the massive interruption of their business.

There are many types of policy and cover but the reaction by the insurance industry to any of these claims has been to state that, in the circumstances of the pandemic, cover will not be provided.

If you have a concern regarding your situation, you should first notify your insurer, complete a claim form, and WHEN the insurer refuses your claim, you should contact Hartnett Hayes Solicitors LLP for advice. We are litigation experts with decades of experience in dealing with all manner of contentious issues with insurance companies.

At present, a case is preceding before the commercial court and we await the outcome with optimism. It relates to pub owners and such a Covid-type insurance claim v FBD insurance and whether or not their insurance policies with FBD Insurance Plc cover the disruptive impact of Covid-19 on their businesses.

It is hoped the commercial court will give a very early trial in recognition of the urgency of the resolution of the issues.

The issues in the case concern whether or not what is described in the policy as “consequential loss” has been triggered by the current Covid-19 pandemic and if so what then are the correct principles to use to calculate damages or recovery.

The court has already indicated that it was satisfied that these are commercial proceedings with very significant commercial interest for all sides and that it would try to facilitate a very early hearing.

If you are someone affected by such an insurance issue, please contact us on 0749522208 to arrange a free consultation. Depending on the policy content in your contract of insurance, you may have a claim against your insurer.