1. How much will this cost?

We provide a written estimate at the outset of the case detailing the likely costs and expenses in any particular case or transaction.

2. How long will it take?

We give an estimate of the likely time period involved in concluding a matter at the outset of that matter and also give regular written and telephone updates during the life of that matter.

3. Will my case be reported or held in public or published in the newspapers?

All cases that are heard in court can be reported with the exception of family law cases, which are held in private. We at Hartnett Hayes, however, have significant experience in case negotiation and resolution. Upwards of 95% of our cases are resolved to the satisfaction of our clients in this way and therefore the results are kept confidential and private.

4. Do you think I have a good case?

We will provide you with an assessment of your case at the initial consultations and we will advise you as the case proceeds as to any difficulties or dangers that may occur so as to ensure at all time you are aware of any or all risks involved.

5. Have you had many cases like mine before?

We have extensive experience in over three decades of practise in dealing with all matters that our practice specialises in.

6. Is everything in the office confidential?

We have strict protocol regarding client information and confidentially, which all staff are aware of and which is included in their contracts. We are also in the process of obtaining an Industry Standard accreditation in compliance with the Date Protection regulations.

7. Do you have any conflict or is there any issue with the party that I am arguing with or in dispute with?

We will complete a conflict of interest assessment with you and any party that you may be in dispute with at the outset of your instructions to ensure that no conflict arises.

8. I don’t live in Donegal – will you be able to act for me?

Absolutely. While sometimes it will be necessary for a physical attendance at our office, for example the execution of a will, we can communicate with you via telephone, email, post. We also attend courts at various locations throughout the country and can arrange appointments where necessary. We can also facilitate your virtual attendance via online video consultation.

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