Your charges for legal services explained

We are happy to discuss our fees and charges at the beginning of your case, as required by law, we will give you information, in writing, about our fees and other expenses that may be incurred.

We confirm that VAT is charged at 23%. If we agree to charge you based on the time spent on your case, remember that there will be a charge for all tasks carried out on your behalf, including letter writing, phone calls, etc. We will tell you if we believe that you, the client, could appropriately carry out some of the tasks.

Where we become aware of any factor that would make the legal costs likely to be incurred in a manner significantly greater than might be usual in a matter such as yours, we shall – as soon as possible after becoming aware of that factor – provide you with a new notice updating any such change in the likely charging structure.

If the matter involves litigation and we need to engage an expert on your behalf, be that a practicing barrister, expert witness or otherwise, we will provide you with the likely cost or basis of costs of engaging any such person or expert an obtain your approval in relation to the engagement of such expert.

It should be noted that costs are normally calculated by reference to a number of factors as skill, specialised knowledge, the complexity of the case, the urgency of the matter, the time expended. Any estimate given is a guideline only on the basis of information available at that time.

In litigation, where an action is successful by you, it would be usual for you to expect an Order in your favour for party and party costs against the losing party. These party and party costs are unlikely to discharge the full amount of costs due and owing by you to us, which costs in totality are known as the Solicitor/client costs. If your case is unsuccessful, it is simply likely that an Order for costs could be made against you and you will be potentially responsible to pay the winning party those costs, in addition to the costs that you may be liable to pay to us on a solicitor/client basis. Similarly, we will provide you with any information regarding the likely legal and financial consequences of any withdrawal by you from the litigation and the discontinuance, if relevant, of that litigation.

We will not commence the provision of our services for a period of 48 hours, unless urgent, to allow you to consider the above and to allow you to withdraw your instructions. Thereafter we will commence as instructed unless those instructions are withdrawn in writing.

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