Hartnett Hayes Solicitors are representing West Donegal homeowners suffering from leaking copper pipes

house flooded

Hartnett Hayes Solicitors are representing upward to 50 householders, and which number is increasing every week, in litigation against Donegal County Council, Irish Water and Electrical Pump Services Ltd. The case relates to water being discharged into the various Plaintiff’s homes, which the Plaintiff’s alleged have caused leakages of water in their home, such leakages being caused by the corrosion of copper pipes. The householders had no previous warnings of the leaks. Once a leak was fixed another would start elsewhere in the house.

There is systemic damage to copper piping in all of the houses in the homes of the Plaintiff’s and which the Plaintiff’s expert has stated is being caused by the manner of the treatment of the water emanating from the plant of the Defendants and or each of them and or their servants and or agents. Legal proceedings have issued in the lead case. The Plaintiffs have a very experienced Scientist and have had chemical analysis done of the water which supports their claim and the claim of the expert Scientist.

Hartnett Hayes Solicitors have been pursuing this claim on behalf of the many householders and new householders who continue to give them instructions over the last two years. Solicitors have now come on record for all of the Defendants.

Cormac Hartnett on Highland Radio discuss the case

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